In a global, open and random world, the “Engineering and Management” major, using a systemic approach, introduces and analyses the various methods for optimising a company’s processes and functions, overseeing large-scale IS and business projects in an intercultural environment, where change management is needed everywhere.

The aim of this major is to train engineers who are able to understand companies’ strategic and tactical challenges, to design and apply the most appropriate tools to optimise their operation, and to facilitate their transformation, especially their digital transformation.


The “Engineering and Management” major extends over two academic years and is organised around two in-class semesters, alternating with two internship semesters: a student engineer internship in Year 4 and a “final year project” internship in Year 5.

Students may choose between two tracks:

One focusing more on analysis and management tools for companies and how they are deployed, and how to optimise the data generated. One focusing more on business management projects, and the issues relating to the transformation and optimisation of corporate processes, especially those dealing with the supply chain.


The “Engineering and Management” Major offers opportunities in industry sectors where all the major listed groups operate, as well as SMEs. It is of interest to an extremely wide range of industry sectors, because such areas as process optimisation and transformation and the new technological challenges, for instance, are by essence transversal and relevant to all sectors.


  • Production line improvement manager
  • Lean project manager
  • Product launch manager
  • Industrial project buyer
  • Head of a logistics site
  • Head of transversal industrial performance
  • Internal logistics manager
  • Decision management systems consultant
  • Digitalisation consultant (e-services, web strategy and digitalisation)
  • Information system approval consultant
  • PMO, project management and information system transformation consultant
  • Change management consultant
  • Business developer


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