The “Sustainable Architecture Engineering” major offers a skills base dedicated to managing the energy, economic and environmental aspects of individual buildings as well as urban developments. The construction sector is both one of the main emitters of greenhouse gases and one of the largest consumers of energy, nationally and globally. In this critical energy context, it is urgent to acquire demonstrable knowledge and skills, on both legislative and operational levels, that will enable the construction/renovation of buildings and developments to be more mindful of the environment.

The pedagogical aims of the “Buildings Eco cities” major is to train generalist engineers who are able to design buildings and urban fabric by skilfully incorporating legislative requirements (thermal, acoustic, environmental) whilst ensuring an appropriate level of comfort given their purpose.


The major extends over two academic years and is organised around two in-class semesters, alternating with two internship semesters: a student engineer internship in Year 4 and a “final year project” internship in Year 5.


  • Major construction groups
  • Energy efficiency and Architectural engineering firms
  • Architecture and urban design firms
  • Energy consultancy and audit firms
  • Private or public research institutions in the fields of energy, construction, urban design


  • Urban design engineer
  • Architectural engineer
  • Sales engineer
  • Technical officer - BEE (building energy efficiency) and materials
  • Technical officer - BEQ (building environmental quality control) and materials
  • Project officer - SPC (scheduling, planning and coordination)
  • Project officer – BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • Project manager - Technical expert/ consulting engineer
  • Project manager - programming


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