Since September 2012, EPF Graduate School of Engineering and the Institut 2iE (International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering based in Ouagadougou) have created the CPGE " Engineers in Africa ", a two years intensive undergraduate program preparing for the competitive entrance examinations to French top-level engineering schools. 


This year, for the first time, an unprecedented collaboration has been set up within the Engineering & Management Major between EPF and Agorize as part of the major’s projects.


On June 8, 2018, was held at the University of California, Berkeley, a round table organized by the WITI with more than twenty guests of honor to discuss the promotion of a more inclusive and equitable environment for women in technical fields.


On the 11th of April, took place on the Parisian Campus of EPF a highly anticipated conference about the possibilities on interning in an international non-profit organization... 


On April 12th, an EPF team, bearer of a Gyroseat project won Abylsen company's Coup de cœur award in the "Coup2boost" contest...


Organized last March by EPF’s department of Master of Science ICE (Innovation, Creation & Entrepreneurship) and SCBS, the HACK4TOMORROW challenge, aimed at 3rd and 4th year EPF students from the three campuses, offered an immersion in the research of innovative products and services...