EPF offers a unique French-German programme in cooperation with the Munich Hochschule. It leads to a unique joint French-German degree in production and automation (CTI-/ASIIN Akkreditiert-accredited).

EPF quickly became aware that our international environment would play a key role, which is why, for nearly 20 years, it has taken an active part in the development of European higher education.

As a pioneer in setting up the upper-level French-German joint degree with the Munich Hochschule,EPF offers an original 5-year programme with a binational curriculum and that leads to several different degrees:

  • A German Bachelor's degree granted by the Munich Hochschule
  • An EPF Engineering Degree in production and automation
  • A German Master's degree in "Produktion und Automatisierung"
  • A degree from UFA, Université Franco-Allemande


The Munich HM, founded in 1971, has 17,000 students and 470 faculty members. It offers four main courses of study: Scientific & Technical Studies, Industrial Engineering,  Economics and Social Sciences.

The HM-EPF cooperation concerns the "Scientific & Technical" department.
Its main areas of research focus on industrial design, precision mechanics, instrumentation, automation, organisation and production management. The majority of faculty members are heads of research laboratories.



  • Training trilingual engineers who are ready for the realities of global exchange and management in an intercultural environment;
  • Providing unrivalled education and advice to students, through small classes split half-and-half between French and German students.


To meet these general objectives, the curriculum alternates between countries each year:
  • A 7-semester period with a concentration on fundamental scientific and technical coursework, leading up to the Bachelor's degree.
  • A 3-semester period leading up to the joint degree (Master's level).


  • Scientific and technical coursework, including engineering tools such as statistics, applied mathematics, mechanics, electronics, IT, automation and production management, logistics, etc.
  • Coursework on business, companies and their economic environement: project management, business methods, industrial organisation, law, management, innovation, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Languages: excellent understanding of German language and culture. A good level in English, with at least B2 level at the end of the curriculum;
  • Work on a personal project;
  •  A total of 5 evaluated internships (at least 16 months total).


The French-German programme is accessible to french EPF applicants and german Hochschule applicants with a concentration in science, in their final year of secondary school or their first year of university, with a good level of German.