Engineering education is not limited to a set of theoretical and technical skills, it also includes learning about business culture. Professional integration is one of the school's primary goals.


One of EPF's main concerns is training engineers who are adaptable and operational on their job, as soon as they graduate. To do this, the school includes career-boosting activities in all its programmes, CV coaching, interview preparation, help with job and internship searches, information on companies that are hiring.

EPF's academic curriculum also includes several career lectures, to expose students to the wide range of engineering careers.


EPF organises a variety of encounters with engineering professionals.

Part of the school's curriculum includes visits to partner companies, such as Bouygues, Alcatel and PSA.
EPF also organises an annual forum for students and large corporations.
This Corporate Forum features more than 40 exhibitors and attended by around 300 visitors. In recent years, it has become a major event for engineering players to meet, mainly thanks to the school's well-rounded education. Every sector of engineering is present at the forum: aeronautics, telecommunications, IT, construction, the environment, finance, and more.
Plus, more than half of faculty come from major groups, such as Thales or Dassault. EPF's bold drive to involve large companies in its programmes helps our students learn more about the real-life workplace.


Learning about the workplace also means learning about initiative. EPF is home to "EPF Innovation," a business start-up laboratory for EPF students who want to create their own company, and to "EPF Projets," the school's junior company.